Coming from a background of 25 years working as a professional animal behaviorist and dog trainer, I have in-depth knowledge and experience of animal learning, behavior and working with pet owners. In addition, I am a trained mediator who is highly skilled in working in the specific context of divorce, the emotions and other complexities involved.

My work helps both dogs and owners because I will empower you to make the decision yourselves. Decisions around beloved pets are so delicate, it can feel overwhelming and heartbreaking to have to even make a choice like this on top of all the other emotion involved with separation or divorce. By bringing my knowledge of canine and animal behavior into the conversation I can help you find a solution that feels right for both the people and animals involved.

Karis jax and sam

If you don’t come to a resolution yourselves about pet custody a judge may end up having to decide for you, which can leave both parties feeling helpless.

Your mediator, attorney or divorce professional can guide you in terms of the laws and regulations regarding pets in the area you live in; my focus is the long-term well-being of the pets themselves so that an informed, and fair decision can be made by the two people who know the animals best.