Karis Nafte

Divorce can be as stressful for your pets as it is for you. My job, as your Pet Custody Consultant is to help you help them by finding the right custody solution based on their unique breed, personality and relationship to you.

I began offering Pet Custody services after seeing how much animals can suffer when their needs are not considered in a divorce; when the decision about their life is made because the owners made an uninformed choice, or when sadly, it was left to the judge to decide along with the other “possessions” in the house.


KAris Nafte


“I always recommend Karis Nafte for any puppy socializing or behavior issues you might have with your dogs or cats. She has given me some great tips with my own animals and I trust her fully. She’s great at what she does.”
Dr Sylvia Shortreed
“We had an online session and it worked perfectly, the advice she gave us was 100% spot on. Her reasoning behind everything was incredible. Karis’ understanding of not only the dogs but also of us as their owners was amazing.”
Kira Goller
Company Director
“I met Karis in 2011. Over the years we have worked together on many different cases and I’ve always been impressed by her professionalism and knowledge. Her genuine love of animals and interest in helping the dogs and owners shines through. I have no hesitation in recommending Karis.”
Dr Mark Shortreed
Karis Nafte

What I know is that we love our pets. What I have learned is that it is not easy to know what they need from us, especially when it comes to their home splitting up. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you to find the best solution for your beloved pets.